Twinfield - App in the spotlight

  • SQL driver for Twinfield API

    Download from Twinfield and upload data to Twinfield using simple SQL statements and Power BI.

Popular Free Apps

  • Exact Online Power BI connector

    The most comprehensive Exact Online Power BI connector: real-time access to over 1.000 tables.

    Free through 5 companies, 100.000 records and EUR 3 M revenue.

  • Invantive Runtime for XAF

    The most simple and free way to convert audit files to Excel.

    Free for all XAF and XAS-versions.

  • Invantive Authenticator

    Easily manage dozens two factor authentication passwords.

    Free app. Integrates with all on-premise Invantive products.

Popular Paid Apps

  • Simplicate Power BI connector

    Link Simplicate within minutes with Power BI. Hundreds of tables available.

    No technical knowledge required. First 6 months free.

  • Exact Online Excel add-in Invantive Control

    Real-time reporting, consolidation and analysis with Microsoft Excel add-in for Exact Online.

    Hundreds of Excel formulas and over 1.000 tables provide real-time parallel access to your Exact Online companies.

  • Invantive Data Replicator

    An automated read-consistent view on your cloud data in a SQL database.

    Over 70 data sources, auto-manages over 1 TB of cloud data across thousands of companies.

  • Invantive Composition

    Invantive Composition for Word merges high-quality data in your enterprise databases with proven templates into Microsoft Word documents. Invantive Composition improves efficiency and reduces errors and costs in creating business essential documents. This enables you to better run your business with less legal issues due to incomplete or incorrect documents.

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  • Invantive Control

    Invantive Control for Excel is the bridge between your unstructured business data in Microsoft Excel and your strategic plan. Invantive Control delivers a financial reporting framework to structure your financial strategy. This enables you to manage your strategic plans within your business rules.

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  • Invantive Data Hub

    Invantive Data Hub is command-line driven software that is capable of executing Invantive Query Tool-compatible scripts across many database and cloud platforms. Ideal for high volume data loads and extractions of cloud applications such as Exact Online or Salesforce.

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  • Invantive Query Tool

    The Invantive Query Tool empowers you to access your real-time data warehouse and execute queries to create business reports. This enables you to extract information such as billable hours, project and process activities, employee leave and attendance with ease.

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  • Invantive Data Replicator

    Invantive Data Replicator creates, fills and manages a replica of the data of your (cloud) applications and databases. It scales to manage data from thousands of companies in the Terabyte range.

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  • Invantive Cloud

    The online Invantive Cloud allows data exchange with your (cloud) applications for Microsoft Power BI and Power Query. Additionally, it enables the definition and execution of ETL jobs and interactive web apps.

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