Plan projects with Microsoft Outlook

Video: Project planning with Outlook

Plan and execute your projects, assign employees to task and monitor worked hours online or with Microsoft Outlook. Invantive vision is your project planning and execution software solution. It lets you assign employees to projects, schedule project task, secure your project information and register hours with ease. Invantive Vision supports different accounting programs to collect all the project information and send an invoice. This demonstration video shows you how Invantive Vision will streamline and execute your projects!

Project planning short feature list:

  • Plan, execute and manage your projects online or with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Assign employees to projects.
  • Follow up project tasks.
  • Write and monitor the hours worked.
  • Create and share job and work orders.
  • Enhanced billing and invoice support.
  • Save and secure your project information.

Invantive Vision gives you always real-time information about your project status. Try the online demo today!

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