Today's global market, business processes and IT infrastructure are complex. To stay competitive, businesses use a wide variety of applications, software, networks, systems and databases to support the business processes. In addition companies have more business units and departments which have their own processes, rules and end users requirements to complete the overall business goal. Due to this difference applications may evolve separately or new ones may be installed exclusively. Even though the departments have a unified company goal, automating a variety of individual business processes seems impossible.

Uniting the units, automating processes, optimizing performances and maintaining the quality and evolution of the business applications is a, challenging, cost intensive activity. Invantive empowers you to overcome this challenge. By automating and streamlining your business processes and applications, Invantive enables you to reduce labor cost drastically. Invantive provides a wide variety of solutions to automate processes, unify and optimize the activities needed to accomplish the overall business goal. With our business process automation service you will be able to optimize your application performances, increase productivity, provide better customer support and create more business value.

Bridge the gap with our end-to-end business process automation

IT administrators spend a lot of time on automating business processes across applications, units and end users requirements. They find difficulties optimizing the different applications and making units and departments work together in an effective way. As a result the company's processes are not optimized. Due to this manual labor, errors are made, productivity lacks and labor costs increase. In order to maintain a competitive position, companies need to automate and optimize their work flow. Automating the company's work flow with unnecessary human interference will result in optimization of business processes. Invantive empowers you to automate your business processes and bridge the gap between departments. With our service you will be able to automate business processes such as: project analysis and monitoring, project calculation, project billing and project cost, sales and marketing activities, document management, process execution and software development. Invantive enables you to optimize the different activities needed to complete your company's goals. With our end-to-end process automation you will be able to streamline your work flow and increase your revenue.

Workflow-based process automation services

Our experience with work flow-based process automation enables us to deliver our services to a wide variety of industries. Invantive has been consulted to streamline workflows and automate business processes for companies such as: IT, software engineering, manufacturers, real estate development, landscaping, banking and finance. This experience empowers us to develop and implement complex work flow-based process automation solutions. To assist you with process automation activities, Invantive provides you with real-time Business Intelligence and analysis solutions. This enables you to audit your data, analyze your processes and applications performances, uncover threats and foresee risks in real-time. As your partner, Invantive will assist you through the entire analysis, development and implementation processes. We will assist you with the optimization of your work flow, development and implementation of the required business process automation solutions. In addition Invantive will transfer the knowledge to your staff to ensure that your processes are continuously improved. With Invantive as a partner you will be able to continuously improve your business and maintain a leading position without investing in additional staff. Invantive helps you with:

  • Data analysis, identification of bottlenecks, creation of reports for plans in real-time.
  • Design, development, implementation and regulatory compliance validation of complex process automation solutions.
  • Optimization and automation of business processes based on ITIL, Prince2, ISO and CMM.
  • Optimization of communication between business units, departments and critical applications.
  • Reduction of unnecessary human interference without changing the company's labor arbitrage.
  • Optimization of production and productivity and reduction of labor cost.
  • Risks mitigation and automation of quality and safety processes.
  • Transferring of knowledge to continuously improve processes.

By streamlining your work flow Invantive helps you to optimize and improve your business performance. Professionals from various industries recommend our business process automation services. Since they have chosen for our services their work flow automation has been improved. Contact us today and learn more about our work flow-based process automation services.