Smart design and maintenance

Companies in the industry of engineering have a creative, yet structured process. It is not just about the initial design, but about a total solution. Does the temperature at the intensive care stay within the limits? Does the street lighting turns on at the right moment and does it stay on a little longer when an event is happening in the city? A whole range of skills is needed to make a design within the agreed conditions that satisfies the customer. And keeps the customer satisfied, as a working system is often in use for decades. The maintenance often costs more than the initial delivery.

Invantive Vision helps

The software solution Invantive Vision supports engineers with their work. Obviously, Invantive Vision offers possibilities to register project budgets and a project-specific tariff for hours worked. But Invantive Vision offers more. We make sure that the entire life cycle is in focus to everyone involved, BIM is ultimately not just about 3D design: