Real Estate Development

Control of Real Estate Development

Real estate developers ensure that the housing stock, business properties and other real estate meets the needs of the property market. But unlike the production in a factory, real estate development requires a look far into the future. The development of an area may take ten years or longer. Meanwhile, the real estate market maybe changed once again. The market rewards this vision with an attractive margin.

Your colleagues have a great understanding of the market, the development potential and the risks. But how do you ensure that you have a good vision over the entire property portfolio? How can you ensure that you give the right priority to projects within your portfolio?

Invantive Estate assists

The software solution Invantive Estate supports real estate developers with their work. All projects of all project entities are stored in one database, including all contracts, document scans and data of clients and suppliers. It does not matter whether they are regularly imported from another system or entered manually. This enables you to control and improve your financial processes across the complete real estate portfolio from one solution. The security ensures that only people will get access to a project because they need this access to do their work. And because the project information is accessible with a browser and with Microsoft Outlook, you will always have them at hand when you need them.

Obviously Invantive Estate offers possibilities to register project budgets and the list of sellable units. But Invantive Estate offers more:

Invantive Control provides Calculations from Microsoft Excel

Invantive Estate is a perfect solution for the industry of real estate developers. But sometimes there is a need for more freedom, for example when putting together a budget. Invantive Control is an optional addition to Invantive Estate. Invantive Control allows you to import data in Microsoft Excel from the real-time data warehouse of Invantive Estate. Next you can modify for example, the budgeted number of houses or change the dates of the planned sales. You can repeat this it until the results in Microsoft Excel are satisfactory. Once you reconnect to the corporate network you can save the changes from Microsoft Excel to Invantive Estate. After this the data will also be available for your colleagues.