Invantive Business

Run your cloud business processes on Windows

Invantive Business for Windows enables you to run your business processes located in the cloud on Microsoft Windows. This allows on-premises extensions and customizations for a better fit to your business. Also, Invantive Business allows you in an enterprise environment to reduce training costs and improve business processes by consolidating the use of multiple similar applications behind one frontend.

Most cloud applications offer a one-size-fits-all approach. This eases the implementation and reduces pricing levels at the cost of reduced flexibility to adapt the software to different business processes. When present at all, the customizations options are limited. The additional labor costs to compensate the missing flexibility can easily outweigh the reduced costs of cloud applications as compared to traditional on-premises solutions. With Invantive Business you can easily extend cloud application by using Invantive Business as a frontend to cloud applications and use the enterprise-features of Invantive Business to add additional functionality and integrations to the frontend of your applications. Such additional functionality can be additional forms, reports, downloads or integrations.

Real-time Enterprise-wide Consolidation

In enterprise environments, it is not uncommon to find multiple applications of different vendors or versions to provide similar functionality across multiple companies owned. For instance, one company uses Microsoft CRM whereas another one runs Exact Online. In such situations, Invantive Business can be configured such that it real-time integrates all similar data across multiple applications into one consolidated enterprise-wide view. For instance, Invantive Business allows you to retrieve all customers from both Microsoft CRM as Exact Online in one overview.

Save time and money

The extensibility and real-time data consolidation of Invantive Business for Windows will bring you advantages such as:

  • Extend cloud applications by customer-specific customizations.
  • Real-time consolidate data across multiple applications into one view.
  • Leverage existing skills.
  • Reduce training costs for new applications.

Leverage the power of your database in Microsoft Outlook

You have spent numerous hours to organize, clean and improve your business data in databases. Invantive Business for Microsoft Outlook leverages the incredible power of your business data. Through a deep integration with Microsoft Outlook, you can easily access your business data in your database.

Your Gains

Invantive Business provides all the functionalities needed to improve the quality and efficiency of your business through Microsoft Outlook with the following benefits:

  • Share contact information such as email addresses between your database and Outlook.
  • Send mailings using prospect and current customer information.
  • Archive emails and documents within your database with your quotes, orders, contacts and customers.
  • Register time on projects using your Outlook calendar.