Invantive Businessdrive

Access your cloud documents from Windows Explorer

Invantive BusinessDrive enables you to work with documents stored in (cloud) applications and databases as if they were stored on a network disk. The folder structure of your documents reflects your business processes as defined in your application. New versions of documents are automatically exchanged with your application. Access privileges are automatically enforced as determined by your application.

The automatic structuring of documents based upon their role in your business processes eases collaboration across your teams. Such structure is dependent on the application or database used and can involve concepts such as "sales orders", "production orders" or "projects".

Please note that a document is unique; when you change the contents of a file a new document is born.

Save time and money

Invantive BusinessDrive offers you advantages such as:

  • Your business documents are grouped on topics in Windows Explorer.
  • Easily and safely exchange documents with your applications and databases.
  • Clear version control of the documents used in your business processes.
  • Work efficiently together according to agreed upon work procedures.