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Save money by creating Word documents using data from databases and applications

Many organizations experience problems with the optimization of the information supply chain. An often occurring optimization problem is the automatic creation of complex documents with structured data from a database or application. Because of the multitude of complex information and deviating rules per jurisdiction employees spend a lot of time in the creation of documents. This manual and repetitive activity causes more erroneous composed documents and brings with it unnecessary employee costs. For organizations that are dealing with different laws and regulations such as insurers, lawyers and health care institutions, the creation of complex documents is a costly and time consuming task. The automatic generation and creation of documents that meet the laws and regulations is a huge challenge for most.

Invantive Composition to fill Word template from database

Generate Word documents from database without any programming

With Invantive Composition you will have a complete solution for the automatic generation of complex documents that meets the laws and regulations. Invantive Composition allows you to easily retrieve information from your database and process it in Microsoft Word. This way, Invantive Composition makes it easy for you to automatically fill in previously created templates with data from your database. For you this means that you can merge data from your enterprise systems such as: legal pleadings, project budgets, serial letters, employment contracts, insurance policies, license contracts, prices and other structured data into a personal document. The advantage of this is that with Invantive Composition you can manage and dynamically create documents from the Document Management System. Using Invantive Composition to create demanding Microsoft Word documents you can reduce your costs and avoid future damage.

Invantive Composition define model for prefilling Word document from Microsoft SQL Server
Invantive Composition define model for prefilling Word document from Microsoft SQL Server

Your gains by filling a Word template with data from your database

The automation of your information supply chain with Invantive Composition will bring you advantages such as:

  • Optimization of the documenting and communication process.
  • Automatically fill pre-composed templates in Word.
  • Focus on your business, not on technology; without any programming and without software developers.
  • Reduce time-to-market for changing your business by reducing effort by your IT department.
  • Merge unstructured texts in a document with structured data.
  • Directly open documents in Word that were stored in a database, document management system or file system.
  • Internal search engine to search documents on their classification.
  • Reduction of erroneously prepared documents and production costs.
  • Improved security of company information.
Invantive Composition save published document to your Document Management System

With Invantive Composition you will have a complete solution for the automatic creation of complex documents in Microsoft Word. Invantive Composition easily allows you to automatically retrieve and edit unstructured data from a database or application. By automatically filling pre-composed templates with data, you will easily create complex documents that meet the laws and regulations. This way Invantive Composition optimizes your information supply and yields you a cost reduction. Invantive Composition is available as a licensed product using the Invantive store. The business solutions Invantive Vision, Invantive Estate and Invantive Producer include a runtime version of Invantive Composition. For a personal presentation of Invantive Composition, please contact us.

Invantive Composition edit model for the Word template including SQL queries