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Invantive Producer: development environment with software version control and repository

Development environment for software engineers

Invantive Producer is a software development environment for software engineers. With Invantive Producer software engineers will have all the features they need to optimize the development processes. Invantive Producer delivers a software version control system, full audit trail, real-time data warehouse and software repository. This empowers engineers to design, model, analyze, develop and to merge software versions from the repository easily.

In addition the repository and version control system enables you to conceptualize, model and develop your business software and applications through backward and forward reasoning over the rules base. This enables you to specify the software in your business language. As a result you will be able to change or add new business rules to your customized software solutions. With Invantive Producer you will empowered to optimize your development processes and design customized software in a flexible way.

Case software environment

Evolve your applications with the version control system and software repository

The development environment Invantive Producer enables you to manage all your customized business software and applications from the software repository. Invantive Producer allows you to use pre-installation scripts to analyze, test, maintain and install your customized software and applications. From the software repository engineers will be able to use the scripts to specify end users requirements and install the software automatically. This allows software engineers to install the software as required by the business unit.

In addition the software version control system allows you to compare different software versions and features easily. This enables your engineers to conceptualize and design unique features to support specific business processes. With the software version control and repository, Invantive Producer allows you to develop and install the version with the additional features without overwriting the original code. Once the additional version is up and running, your engineers are able to use the version control system to merge the different software versions and store it within the repository. This empowers engineers to analyze, test, maintain, install and evolve your business software with ease. With this functionality Invantive Producer provides you with all the features you need optimize your software development processes.

Software repository version control system

Software development environment interface

Develop high quality business software with Invantive Producer

With Invantive Producer you will have all the features needed to develop high quality business software and applications. Invantive Producer empowers you to conceptualize, model, design and develop your software via backward reasoning. This allows you to change or add new business rules. The software version control system and software repository enables your engineers to apply the changes easily. They will be able to model, test, merge and install the software as required by the end users and business units. As a result your development processes will be optimized and labor cost will be reduced. With Invantive Producer you will have an advanced software development environment to model and create your business software.

Invantive Producer provides you with benefits such as:

  • Real-time software repository and software version control system.
  • Real-time data warehouse with time travel to analyze historical software versions.
  • Data separation model.
  • Model driven software engineering from within the repository.
  • Automatic generation of SQL, PL/SQL and Microsoft .NET code.
  • Add and change new compliance rules with ease.
  • Transactions and consultation stored in audit trails.
  • Create detailed software manuals with business rules included.

Flexibility and functionality make Invantive Producer an advanced software development environment. Software engineers recommend Invantive Producer's features and functionality. Since they have chosen for Invantive Producer their development processes have been optimized. Contact us today and discover how Invantive Producer's software version control system and software repository will optimize your processes.

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