Invantive Scheduler

Increase productivity

Invantive Scheduler allows you to accelerate your business processes without increasing costs. Invantive Scheduler makes more of your available resources by automating processes as recurring background jobs. Real-time, event-driven, whenever your business needs it.

Improve control of your business processes

Does a 24x7 economy require 24x7 presence? No, not with Invantive Scheduler. With the lights-out operation of Invantive Scheduler you can go to sleep assured that Invantive Scheduler is running your business operations. And besides making more of your human and machine resources available, you can also more easily act upon unforeseen events. For instance, smart signalling informs you when business operation indicators are outside of allowed bands. That can be as simple as receiving an email with an alert or more complex as an automated workflow being triggered to correct a business issue by a human operator or even an automated correction job.

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

The Invantive Scheduler can run many types of jobs on your operating system, your virtual machines or database. Most current operating systems and hardware platforms are supported. Also, Invantive Scheduler provides your business software with values for parameter based upon your business processes such as orders coming in from a web store. And the integrated document management system allows you to generate, process, store and distribute short-lived and permanent documents such as invoices, emails and audit files.

Data flows continuously

The integrated ETL-facility allows you to graphically design and execute simple and complex data transfers. By specifying source and target data locations and transformations you can build more complex flows that allow your business processes to execute without unnecessary delays. The scalable architecture even allows for huge volumes of data to be processed every day again.