Customized Solutions

Invantive delivers customized software solutions that satisfy your specific needs. We are specialized in the development of customized project and business process management software. We develop custom software solutions and applications for a variety of companies. We have developed bespoke software for companies such as: real estate development, IT, landscaping business, engineers, banking, finance, health and legal services. As a software development company our goal is to develop the best evolving software system which you will be able to capitalize with ease. With Invantive’s customized software service you will always have a solution that meets the requirements to maintain a leading position within your industry.

Stay ahead of your competitors with Invantive

In this changing global economy, companies need to stay innovative and competitive in price and quality. But how do you reduce cost and prices without loosing quality and profits? Invantive helps you to overcome this challenge and stay ahead of your domestic and foreign competitors. We provide you with the ability to foresee current and future company risks and design the best customized software solution to mitigate those risks. We have years of experience in optimizing project, process, risks and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), project billing and project cost. With our experience and expertize we are able to analyze your data and understand your business environment. This enables us to capture and present the software requirements to your executives. We will be able to analyze the requirements and define the constraints of the software solution. Invantive will generate the codes that satisfy the requirements and constraints of your business software and develop the best solution. With your customized software services you will be able to maintain a leading market position.

All you need to keep your leading roll in your industry

When customizing a software solution, a strong relationship is important. Invantive believes in a strong and long partnership. To stay ahead of competition, Invantive supports your customized business software solution through the entire life cycle. Our model driven development method empowers you to easily change or add new business rules to your software. You are able to do this by yourself or ask our experts to evolve your software as required by changes in your business environment. Invantive is a trusted partner which will empower you to keep up with the pace of your industry in the present and future. Invantive’s customized software service has delivered evolving solutions for:

  • Real estate resources: real-time calculation model for construction resources.
  • Real estate projects: real estate development calculation models.
  • Finance: customized payment installments software for credit contracts.
  • Auctions: development of a online auction application for real estate.

Invantive realizes new systems and provides support on existing systems. Our experience and expertize enables us to extend your current system and optimize your business processes. This knowledge empowers us to provide our customized software services against a fixed and competitive price in a wide variety of industries. Professionals from different industries recommend Invantive as a trusted partner. Since they have chosen for our services their software evolution and capitalization has been improved. Contact us and learn how to maintain your leading position and outsource your development activities today.