Data Warehousing

In a competitive and changing global market businesses and organizations need to have all their data available on demand. Without the right information to make critical business decision at the right moment, companies will have difficulties to keep up with the pace of their industry. This will result in a negative value and financial position. In order to compete in the modern global market, companies need the ability to rapidly collect and translate data into Business Intelligence. Invantive delivers data warehouse and business intelligence services to let you keep up with the pace of your industry. Invantive provides you with all the tools you need to translate your data into knowledge and make the right business decision.

Real-time business intelligence to make the right business decision

Invantive delivers data warehouse services to access and turn your data into real-time Business Intelligence. Invantive empowers you to retrieve, extract and analyze your data from different resources enterprise wide. In addition the data warehouse service enables you to store, secure and transfer all your historical data globally. You will be able to execute queries to collect and turn your data into intelligence reports in different format. You can deliver Real-time Business Intelligence reports in format such as: Microsoft Excel and XPS, Adobe PDF, XML and XHTML. This enables you to deliver the right and accurate figures to executives and stakeholders and empower them to make the right business decisions.

Data warehouse service to gain business critical intelligence

Invantive provides advanced data warehousing and reporting services tailored to the needs of your industry. Our data warehouse service gives you the ability to improve your data analysis and reporting. With our service you will have all your business critical information available on demand. This enables you to make the right business decisions, meet your compliances rules and create business value. Our data warehouse and Business Intelligence services provides you with benefits such as:

  • Real-time data warehouse and reporting.
  • Store, retrieve, access, analyze and transfer historical and current data into real-time intelligence.
  • Execute SQL, PL/SQL queries to turn data into knowledge.
  • Operational execution and data maintenance.
  • Conducting audits for ISO-27002/17799 and BS-7799.
  • Deliver real-time business reports in different formats.

Invantive provides all the necessary components for a successful data warehouse implementation. Professionals from a wide variety of industries recommend Invantive as a data warehousing and reporting specialist. Since they have chosen for our data warehouse service, their intelligence and reporting has been improved. Contact us today and learn how to turn your data into real-time intelligence with our service.