IT Architecture

In today’s global market IT systems play a great role in achieving company goals and objectives. With global acquisitions, mergers, competition and a wide variety of demanding customers, your company needs a responsive and flexible IT Architecture. A flexible and responsive business-oriented IT Architecture which enables you to keep up with the pace of your business environment. Such IT Architecture has become critical for a company competitive success. Without a responsive and flexible business-oriented IT Architecture, companies will find difficulties restraining cost, mitigating risks and responding to changes. In order to overcome those challenges and gain a competitive advantage, a comprehensive strategy is needed. Invantive helps businesses to reveal and understand their technological organization and create a strategy to respond to changes in their business environment. With Invantive’s IT Architecture service you will be able to create the best strategy to make your organization agile and keep your competitive position in your changing business environment.

The intelligence to create the best strategic plan and applications

Invantive enables businesses and organizations to unveil their data and create a strategic plan to overcome business environment challenges. Invantive’s expertize and experience allows you to overcome your business challenges through software and technology. To empower you to overcome those challenges, Invantive delivers customized software, data warehouse and data mart services. The data warehouse and data mart repository enables you to gather operational data enterprise wide and transfer it into Business Intelligence. Your business analysts will be able to audit the operational data and create and deliver detailed reports in real-time. This enables executives to understand the business environment and empowers them to create a strategic plan. With our experience and expertize we will assist you in executing your strategic plan and improving your company’s IT Architecture. Invantive will help you to modify your business processes, enhance efficiency and drive more revenues. We will provide you with all the consulting and knowledge needed to apply IT Architecture practices. This enables you to design, develop and implement customized evolving business applications and reduce IT costs and risks. With our IT Architecture services you will have all the experience and expertize you need to overcome current and future business environment challenges.

Your partner in Business-oriented IT Architecture

Invantive helps businesses and organizations to develop and optimize IT Architecture capabilities. Our experience and expertize enables us to work with you as a partner and develop IT Architecture practices that meets your current and future needs. For our partners we have successfully completed IT projects such as:

  • Design and implementation of a platform independent architecture for the control of batch processing of ISV software for banks.
  • Design and implementation of a platform- and ERP independent architecture for a leading vendor of contract management solutions. Involved Oracle Applications, UNIX and VMS, Oracle Designer and Oracle Developer.
  • Migration of a large-scale environment in financial services, using a wide range of Oracle RDBMS releases to a consolidated and unambiguous Oracle RDBMS version based on Unicode and single sign-on.
  • Design and implementation of a hosting environment for global ERP implementations for a major manufacturer of components.
  • Design and implementation of a solution for daily reporting of a financial service provider. To accomplish this successfully it was necessary to use information which was spread across a large number of systems.
  • Design of internal reporting for business balanced score cards across a variety of geographical locations.

With Invantive you will have all the knowledge you need to maintain a leading position in your industry. Professionals from a wide variety of industries trust and recommend Invantive as an IT Architecture partner. Since they have chosen for our service their IT Architecture practices has been improved. Contact us today and learn how to create a strategic plan and gain a competitive advantage in your industry.