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Software features Invantive Estate

  • Area Development

    integral view on area development
    • Integral view on area development.
    • Value creation real estate.
    • Calculation models in Excel.
    • Real-time cash flow reports.
  • Integral risk management

    Risk management software
    • Clear financial real estate reports.
    • Execute real estate risk models in Excel.
    • More grip and control on your budgets, contracts and cash flows.
    • Safeguarding of sensitive information with filters and access rules.
  • Real Estate Buyers Guidance

    Buyer's guidance buyer's management software
    • Online and Microsoft Outlook CRM.
    • Central document project file per real estate unit.
    • Workflow engine.
    • Link with accounting.
  • Integral project management

    Integral project management software
    • Integral real estate project management.
    • Real-time cash flow prognoses and prognosis end of work.
    • ERP with online and Outlook interface.
    • Seamless integration with your accounting.
  • Strategic real estate planning

    Strategic real estate planning software
    • Insightful cash flow reports.
    • Integrated contract, contact and document management system.
    • Access to contracts and financial date from each location
    • Integral opportunities and risk management.
  • Budgeting

    Budget management software
    • Establish, release and control costs per contract or cost category.
    • Define and monitor budgeted, actual and prognotised revenues.
    • Release project profit from balance into profit & loss
    • Real-time forecasting end of project per project or aggregated.
  • Project administration

    Financial project administration software
    • Optimization of financial administration without new ERP system.
    • Clear view of project profits and cash flow projections.
    • Automatic data exchange with your accounting program.
    • User-friendly online and Microsoft Outlook interface.
  • Central project file

    Central project file real estate
    • Access to the project file from each location.
    • Receive notifications via e-mail.
    • Information security per function, role and access rules.
    • Regulating reporting and compliance rules.
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