Invantive is working for the banking industry since 1994 and since then the industry has undergone great changes to respond to the changing society. It is our conviction that the banking industry will remain in motion and that business processes and software should be prepared for this. On this basis, we have developed skills and knowledge so that also your banking institution will have the tools to continue to adopt:

  • Data warehousing: the data warehousing services of Invantive ensure that you can make the right analyses to correctly answer questions. We make sure that both familiar questions and new questions can be answered.

  • IT Architecture: banking is driven by confidence. Yet society expects that the banking industry is flexible and adjusts pragmatically. As a bank to move along with society while the "store remains open" and confidence is maintained, it is necessary to come up with smart and affordable solutions so that your bank will not be anchored in concrete. The IT architecture of Invantive can help you with that.

  • Regulatory reporting: and reporting products of FRS. Invantive has nearly ten years of experience in the implementation of FRS products for instance WTK / WFT, DRA, IFRS and Basel 2. A big advantage of Invantive is that we can do both the technical realization but also a lot of the functional implementation.